The DM Battle is a unique fun event where players and DMs alike get to dive into a impromptu D&D game to see who’s the best DM and the players decide!   The day starts with assigning the players randomly to a DM.  We will do our best not to put players into a group where they nominated that DM.   Then the three secret ingredients are revealed.  Last year they were; fungi, ferryboat and frozen.  The DMs then take these ingredients and retreat to the library to make an adventure in less than 1 hour.

While the players wait we work on selecting pre-generated characters based on instructions from the DM.  Once this is done we have a Trivia Contest with fun and prizes.

The DMs rejoin the room after prep and the DM Battle begins.  They have four hours to run an adventure integrating the three ingredients.  We will take a break at the two hour mark.

At the end of the event, the DMs retreat to the library and the players are given their evaluation forms.  The DMs then share with EE Staff what their adventures were about and any highs or lows in the game.  Evaluation forms are gathered by EE Staff and reviewed.  Then after points are tallied and EE Staff discusses, we announce the winning DM and the DM awards the best player at their table.

The winning DM will receive a gift certificate from Meta Games.  Amount will hopefully be $100.  We will have that confirmed soon.

Join us!  Let’s PLAY!