We know that people have been anxiously waiting this year for our website to open.  Lots of Exhibitors are all chomping at the bit to get booth & table space.  People wanting to know who our Guests of Honor are for Year 11, and more!

The website is NOW open!  Yeah!  We were waiting to get some elements in place and have information all ready to go before we “lifted the veil” on the site.

If you’ve not heard — we have THREE exciting guests to announce!  That announcement is coming next, but you can see it on the website and our Facebook / Twitter accounts.

Exhibitors, Volunteers, Gamemasters — you will find information on the site about our programs and rates.  You will NOT YET find the forms to register just yet.  We are setting up new processes for Year 11 and that will all be ready by May 15th.  Stay tuned.  We thank you in advanced for your patience.  When those areas are open, you will see a post and get an email if you are signed up on our site.  So, do that today.

Eclectic Endeavors