We need you!

We cannot have our events without volunteers!  We call our volunteers “HENCHMEN”, just for fun!  Do you have what it takes to be an HENCHMEN?  It’s a lot of fun, and this year you can get in FREE! Check out how we will do things this year.


Schedule 10 Volunteer hours (Five 2 hour shifts) over the 3 day event, and you will get a FREE Weekend Pass!  (Please note: Thursday night set-up counts as ONE shift).   On Sunday we appreciate the help of all our volunteers that can help with shut down.

PLEASE READ DETAILS BELOW IF YOU’VE NOT VOLUNTEERED BEFORE.  If you have before, proceed to application.


Perks include:
  • Free admission (with 10 hours of volunteer time)
  • Access to “The Lair” all weekend.  Take a nap, get food, relax.
  • Snacks and drinks from “The Lair”
  • Free Volunteer T-Shirt
  • Raffle entries.  1 ticket for each shift worked.
  • 18 years & older (younger possible with parent/guardian coordination)
  • Volunteer ten hours of time at GAME
  • First time volunteers, please plan to attend Eclectic Endeavors / GAME EXPO planning meeting so we can meet you
  • If you cannot attend a meeting, please still apply.  On the application, provide a reference name, phone, email of someone connected to Eclectic Endeavors.  Basically someone that can vouch for you and say you will show up to work.


Below is the link to the Volunteer Application Google Form.  We need to collect contact info and your availability.  Our plan is to ONLY schedule you for 10 hours of volunteer time (at the most) for the weekend unless you want more hours.  If you want to volunteer for less than 10 hours we will take any time you can give us, but we only give out a free weekend pass for 10 hours of time in total.

After we get your info & availability we will arrange schedule slots.  Give us 3-5 business days to get back to you.  Please keep an eye on your email for a message from Ralphie Saeed.

We will post a volunteer schedule on the site where you can review and check your shifts.  This will be viewable only by those on staff.


If you would like to be a part of the volunteer staff during G.A.M.E. EXPO, we would like to meet you in person if possible.  Plan to attend a meeting (see link below).  If you cannot make it to a meeting, and have never volunteered with us before, we need to know who you are before we schedule you.  You’ll provide a reference name, phone, email of someone connected with Eclectic Endeavors.


Go to Eclectic Endeavors FB Group to see.


Typical shifts will be 2 hours at a time.  If you volunteer for multiple shifts, try not to schedule your whole day as a Henchmen.  We want everyone to enjoy G.A.M.E. and it not just be a working weekend. You can see who’s signed up for what shifts so far on the schedule at the bottom of this page.


Henchmen will receive a free Volunteer T-shirt so you are easily identified by all attendees and staff.   These are not the same shirts as the event shirts.


Directors can ask for and find volunteers for their own areas, for their own use. These volunteers answer primarily to the director that procured them and will be subject to normal volunteer application procedure.   You will still need to go through the application process, but we will coordinate with the director for your shifts and such.


When you volunteer as a Henchmen, you will put what times you are available on your application.  During G.A.M.E. EXPO you will report to the Henchmen Wrangler and check in.  We need to track who works what shift.


As a Henchmen you have access to “The Lair.”  This is where you can hang out when not busy with duties.  We will be stashing free food & drinks in this room for you to consume.  You and you alone have access to this room — no friends & family — but it is available to you ALL WEEKEND!  Not just when you are on shift!!


A few weeks after G.A.M.E. EXPO we will be inviting volunteers, staff and sponsors to attend a Thank You event at 1984 where you can play unlimited video games and have pizza & soda on the house!  Stay tuned for this date to be announced.


These slots below are the general schedule spots we will be filling in.

Thursday August 27th (Prep Night at Expo Center)

  • 5PM to 10PM
    • You will earn a raffle ticket for this shift, but does not count towards the 10 yours for the weekend.  We will only need a few people for maybe an hour or two.

Friday August 28th

  • 9AM to Midnight

Saturday August 29th

  • 9AM to Midnight

Sunday August 30th

  • 9AM to 6PM
    • All volunteers help with tear-down at 6PM
Ralphie Saeed

Ralphie Saeed

Volunteer Director


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