We’ve had some confusion expressed over our statement about “No Visitor Passes” — we’ll shed some light on that.

We spend all year as volunteers preparing for G.A.M.E. EXPO and about $8,000.  We get support from sponsors and the sale of spaces for Exhibitors, BUT our biggest amount of funds that help make the event happen are INDIVIDUALS coming to G.A.M.E. EXPO.  If it weren’t for the individual person coming to game and paying for a Weekend or Day Badge, we could not continue to have this event.

In the past we’ve allowed people that were just checking us out to pop in for a bit and we asked they give a $5 donation for a 2 hour visitor pass.  The theory being that these people would upgrade to a full day pass or these people would go in to our vendors and buy something and support our vendors / exhibitors / creators / artist.

In past years experienced a HUGE amount of people that looked at the registration list and would say “Oh, $5 option?  I’ll take that!”  We’d explain it was just a 2 hour pass, and typically the response was kind of “Yah, Yah.  Here’s my $5, let me in.”   Then, numerous times we found people in G.A.M.E. that had been there … all day …. for $5.

We also did not notice people that took the cheapest rate to get in, buying stuff from vendors.  If we had seen people leaving with purchases, then we would consider a “shoppers pass.”  Generally, people that support the convention pay for a weekend / day pass and then ALSO shop with our vendors.

We don’t want to be the fun police, running around checking badges, telling people to leave — times up — get out.  We don’t have enough staff to do that, and we don’t want to be that kind of place.  We also don’t want this event to be degraded by lots of people getting in for $5 when others paid $20, $25, $30.  It’s not fair.

Also, there are no other events similar to ours where we found a visitors pass policy.  We looked around, and to get into any other event similar to ours, you pay for a day pass or a weekend pass.

So, our decision has been to get rid of this visitors pass.  Now, to end confusion, you DO NOT HAVE TO PRE-REGISTER.  You can walk up to the doors all day long and buy a weekend pass, or a day pass.  Registration is open Friday 10AM to 11:59PM, Saturday 8:30AM to 11:59PM and Sunday from 8:30AM to 4:00PM.

Hopefully this sheds some light.