All pre-registration sales are CLOSED as of 12:00AM 9/16/17. We are now working on organizing and getting ready to open the doors on 10/6/17. There are no other spaces available OTHER THAN this ONE LAST Creator Table.

We thought there might be some spaces open with unsold Club & Org Spaces, but we had some last-minute (like 10 minutes before midnight) sales of spaces.  So we are now officially FULL / SOLD OUT / DONE.  There will not be anything else open up.  If we experience any last-minute cancellations the windows are closed for refunds and sales (as per our policies).  We are at our final stages for preparation.

The Creator Table that we are selling is available due to some last-minute re-configuring of our Featured Artist line-up.  Please see the map if you want to know the location of this available table.

This will be available for sale until 11:59PM Sunday 9/17/17. First to pay for it, gets it. PLEASE make sure you read what a CREATOR is before you purchase this table. Thank you.