As Eclectic Endeavors has reached its’ financial goals of being able to meet our expenses for the yearly events, we now seek to give back to the geeky community.  Beginning in October of 2016 we created a scholarship grant application process. Based on applications received we awarded one recipient a $500 scholarship grant towards their geeky education.  This was announced in January of 2017.

The grant application process is now open again.   The grant(s) amount each year will change depending on our balances after the EXPO, the number of applicants and voting by the Officers of Eclectic Endeavors.

Our belief is that the thousands of dollars we can provide to the community in the form of scholarship grants to individuals will be of much larger impact than handing off funds to larger charities that do just fine without our small offering.

Below are two links.  One link is for the applicant of the scholarship grant.  The other link is for the referral of the grant application.  Both are required for a complete application to be considered.  We’ve had applications in the past without a supporting referral, and those were denied.

Please share this page and information with anyone you know going to school beyond high school.  We want to impact the lives of many people, but we need applicants.



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