Need to clarify something here.  If you pre-registered as a GM and submitted your games, those are now on the website.  The window to pre-register is closed.  HOWEVER, you can still run games at G.A.M.E. EXPO!

These are referred to as “pick-up” games.  Once you’ve arrived at G.A.M.E. EXPO, head for the Gaming HQ table.

If all you need is a table, and you have all the players and such, then you can work with the staff to schedule a table.  We have PLENTY.

If you want to POST a game for sign-up and have players join you, then we have some simple paperwork to fill out and then you’ll have a sign-up sheet created and a table scheduled.  Ta-da!

We have over 140+ pre-scheduled games, but we will have a LOT of pick-up games.  So join us and have fun!