As we get closer to our event, things happen and we do get request for refunds.  Just a reminder our policy for refunds is detailed below and can be found on this webpage:

Eclectic Endeavors Refund Policy

We understand that things change and you may not be able to attend events for which you have purchased a ticket, booth, table or space. The following refund policy addresses your change in circumstances while imposing reasonable limits and fees to cover the administrative efforts and expenses involved on our end.

Refund Eligibility

The primary registrant may request a refund for all or a portion of the registration costs, which includes only the items paid for through the official event registration process (typically excluding hotel costs and other external services or items). Your refund request must meet the following requirements and deadlines.

Refund Requests

All requests for refunds must be made in writing by letter, or e-mail and received by Eclectic Endeavors prior to the deadline dates below. Requests by phone, text, Facebook messenger, or any other communication method will not be accepted.

Eclectic Endeavors
411 N Sherman Pkwy
Springfield, MO 65802


Refund Request Deadlines

Requests must be received no later than 30 days before Pre-Registration closes (Oct 1, 2019) to be eligible for a full refund. Any requests received between the 30 days prior mark mentioned previously and the closing of Pre-Registration will be refunded at 50%. No requests received after Pre-Registration closes will be eligible for a refund or offering credit (see below).

Electronic refunds for cards used will be processed within 24 hours of email / letter received.   Refund checks for cash or other transactions will be mailed within 2-3 weeks after G.A.M.E. EXPO ends.

Refunds will be amounts minus processing fees from Stripe / Square / administrative fees for checks and mailing.

Alternative to Refund

In lieu of a refund check, unused payments may be converted to a charitable contribution. A tax-deductible receipt will be issued for the full amount paid. This request may be made in writing or email within a full week (5 working days) after G.A.M.E. closes without penalty or administrative fee deduction.

Special Circumstances

Special refunds may be granted if an attendee is unable to attend the event due to a family death, illness, or other extraordinary circumstance. Please contact Eclectic Endeavors by letter or e-mail to request special consideration.   Again, requests by phone, text, Facebook messenger, or any other communication method will not be accepted.