A consummate storyteller and lifelong creative, Satine Phoenix has always had a passion for building worlds and growing communities. She began filming Dungeons and Dragons games in 2009, which led to the inception of Celebrity Charity D20 with Keith Baker, a livestreamed gaming event benefitting Reach Out and Read. She has since shared her DM skills far and wide, as D&D’s former Community Manager, the founder of DnDMelt at Meltdown comics, the DM of The Sirens, and the host of Storyteller’s Guide and GM Tips Season 2. Her impact on the tabletop community has been acknowledged in such publications as Forbes, Time Magazine, io9, and Maxim. She is also the Co-Author and Creator of the New Praetorians graphic novel series and The Action Heroine’s Journey, a nonfiction work. An accomplished visual artist from the Academy of Art as well as author and DM, she uses her background in animation, sculpture, and illustration to further inform and develop her passion for building epic adventures.

With the founding of her company Gilding Light, Satine has taken this passion a step further by creating a collaborative art studio with a focus on storytelling. Inspired by the Japanese concept of Kintsukuroi, broken potter repaired with gold, Gilding Light focuses on the healing nature of collaborative play and its ability to empower the participants. This mission has led Satine across the world, from gaming to support literacy and suicide prevention in the US, to connecting tabletop communities across Europe. Wherever the story leads her, Satine has proven time and again that the language of play is a universal one, bringing people together through the power of imagination.

Charity Fundraiser


Twogether Studios is the brainchild of game designers Jennifer Ellis and Keith Baker. Jenn is a product designer who’s worked with Fortune 500 countries across the world, and Keith is a an award winning designer known for Gloom and the Eberron campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons. Jenn and Keith create games that bring people together, encouraging storytelling and creativity. Twogether’s games cover a wide range of formats and subjects. Action Cats! is a family game where players compete to reveal the secret lives of cats. Phoenix: Dawn Command is an innovative roleplaying game where death is how your character improves. And Illimat has the feel of a classic card game plucked out of time—a game that feels both familiar and unlike anything you’ve played before. Jenn and Keith live in Portland, Oregon with an adorable pug and two action cats. 


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Fri – Oct 11,2019     8:00 PM – 9:30 PM

The Adventure Zone Game Playtest – Twogether Studios

Sat – Oct 12,2019     11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Eberron D&D 5E Game by Keith Baker

Sat – Oct 12,2019     7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

The Adventure Zone Game Playtest – Twogether Studios

Sun – Oct 13,2019     9:30 AM – 11:00 AM

 The Adventure Zone Game Playtest – Twogether Studios