AUGUST 19, 2018
11AM – Registration
12PM – Event Begins

Are you the BEST DM out there? Prove it! This will be a test of your ability to create fun on the spot with minimal prep time!  Contestants will be given 3 “ingredients” to use and create a D&D adventure with only 1 hour to prep!  Last year the ingredients were — FUNGI, FERRYBOAT, FROZEN.  Players will dive in with the DMs and participate in the contest by playing in this improvised adventure.  Players will then rate their DM with a survey & summary questions.  The ULTIMATE DM will then be crowned as the MASTER of all Dungeon Masters — for the year — just like Miss America!

This event will use the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons rules as published.  Each DM has the ability to set house rules at their table, but must communicate this clearly to his players.

This is a FREE event.  Beginning at 11AM we will begin collecting names for the players list and DMs list.  This will be first come first served.  We will plan on a minimum of 4 players per DM.  The goal will be to randomly assign players to DMs so we get a variety of people at each table and not groups that all know / play with each other regularly.

Let us know you are coming by clicking on the Facebook event and please share it:  https://www.facebook.com/events/583278505355980/

The Creamery Arts Center
411 N. Sherman Parkway

The Creamery Arts Center


  • Dice
  • Pen / Pencil paper
  • Miniature (if you have one and want to bring)
  • 5th Edition Players Handbook (if you have one)

We will have a variety of pre-generated characters levels 1 to 10 based on DMs choice of starting level.  If you bring a character it is subject to DM approval.


  • Dice
  • Pen / Pencil paper
  • 5th Edition Core Books
  • Miniatures (if you want)
  • Grid Mat (if you want)


Keeping in mind these times are APPROXIMATE.


  • Registration for Players & DMs
  • Random table assignments
  • First come / first served

12:00 PM

  • Players / DMs assignment
  • 3 Ingredients revealed
  • DMs prepare adventures
  • Players Trivia begins


  • Adventures begin


  • 15 min. break


  • Adventures End
  • DMs retreat share stories with EE Staff
  • Players fill out evaluation forms
  • Break


  • DMs announce “best player” choices
  • Winning DM is announced

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