The following policies govern the Board, volunteers, attendees and everyone else that attends G.A.M.E. or other Eclectic Endeavors events.  Violation of these policy can result in expulsion from events without refund of any cost paid towards event.

What is G.A.M.E. EXPO?

Gaming Arts Media & Entertainment Expo (aka G.A.M.E.) is a 3-day event held in Springfield, MO that celebrates all things geeky!  We gather at the Springfield Expo Center to play games, dress-up in costumes, learn new skills, discuss fandom, socialize with others of similar and new interest, watch movies and TV shows, listen to panelist, participate in demos, shop vendor booths, and more!

During this 3-day event, Eclectic Endeavors strives to show that the arts found in nerdy interest are just a legitimate as the arts found in mainstream society.  Painting, drawing, sculpting, writing, making movies, crafting props & costumes, digital artwork are all fine art pursuits that more and more are becoming recognized by the public as true art.  Shows on TV like “Face Off”, “Heroes of Cosplay” as well as launching platforms like San Diego ComicCon where major movies and TV shows are premiered and promoted – these show that geeky interest are becoming more public, mainstream and legitimate.

Why support G.A.M.E.?

Without your support our events do not happen.  These activities like Picnic At The End of The Universe, GAME Day at The Creamery and most importantly G.A.M.E. all require financial and volunteer support to take place.  We strive to make good memories for you with these events, and we cannot do that unless we have money to pay for stuff.

With the events that we conduct, we seek to promote nerdy pride in Springfield and the surrounding communities.   We think that our community needs more events like ours.  In our eyes geek art is FINE art and we want to show that off.

How Does G.A.M.E. Raise Funds?

The group behind G.A.M.E. and our other events is known as Eclectic Endeavors.  This group is a dedicated set of people that meet frequently throughout the year.  This group goes out into the community and seeks out sponsorships from local business and philanthropist that want to help back our events.   We also conduct fund-raisers throughout the year.  The majority of our funds for events comes from individual attendees and the registration fees paid to attend G.A.M.E.

Each year our operating budget is $8,000 to $10,000 depending on what activities we’ve planned.  This money comes from sponsorships, fees for exhibitors space (tables & booths) and individual registrations.

Where Does the Money Go?

Eclectic Endeavors is a non-profit organization.  We are under the umbrella of the 501(3)(c) provided by the Springfield Regional Arts Council (SRAC).  All of our funding goes directly to paying for the expenses of the events we conduct.  None of the Eclectic Endeavors board members benefits financially from their participation in the organization.   It would be nice someday to have such a huge event that we could pay someone to work on it all year long, or at least compensate some of our folks for their time, but to date it is all volunteers, good-of-their-hear, for fun.

Our expenses involve:

  • Food & Pavilion Rental for Picnic At The End of The Universe
  • Snacks for GAME Days at The Creamery
  • Expo Center Rental
  • Event Insurance
  • Accounting fees with the SRAC
  • Printing Materials
  • Badges
  • Food & Supplies
  • Guest of Honor Appearance, Travel, Lodging
  • and a load of various other sundry supplies

How Can I Help?

We could use your support in many ways.  Our primary need is for sponsorship.  You’ll find sponsor levels posted on the website.  We also need vendors, exhibitors, artist, clubs and organizations to all book booths and tables.   We sell out of space for all these areas every year.  The sooner we have these spaces sold, the easier it is to meet our goals.

You can also volunteer your time.  We need GMs to run games, Henchmen to staff various parts of G.A.M.E., panelist to conduct discussions, artist for the art show, and we can use all the promotional help you want to offer.  Put up posters, distribute fliers, share links on Facebook, email, wherever.  Talk about how YOU are going to these events and your friends will follow.


During G.A.M.E. we give out “participation rewards money” that we call “polybucks.”  These are used on Sunday during the Polybucks Auction.  The fun money has no cash value, but during this auction you can bid on prizes with the money you’ve collected.  You earn polybucks by playing in games, going to panels, participating in contest, etc.  We want everyone to play, have fun, get involved and after seeing how this worked at ReaperCon in Texas (we admit we borrowed this idea from them) — we said “Hey! Let’s do that at G.A.M.E.!” It’s a lot of fun on Sunday during the Results Show to watch people bid on items as individuals, and then near the end of the prize pool when we get to the popular WANTED ITEMS, factions begin forming.  People pool their bucks and power bidding starts happening.  It’s a lot of fun!


During G.A.M.E. you can make a donation to Eclectic Endeavors and as a way of saying “Thank You” we will give you a raffle ticket for a $1 donation, or if you give us $5 we will thank you with 6 tickets.  According to Missouri law, as a charitable organization we are allowed to conduct raffles.  Eclectic Endeavors is a non-profit organization operating under the Springfield Regional Arts Council 501(3)(c) umbrella.  All our money goes to pay for the event itself.  Someday when we get out from under our expenses, we will be establishing a scholarship fund for geek-centered education.

We will do our prize drawing on Sunday after the results show.  We get a lot of GREAT DONATIONS from our Exhibitors, Artist and Clubs & Orgs. Also Sponsors and local businesses have given us stuff to give away.  Make sure and patronize local businesses and tell them “THANK YOU for supporting G.A.M.E. and the local geek community.”


We rely on the generosity of our wonderful exhibitors, sponsors, clubs and others to provide a cornucopia of prizes for our raffle and polybucks auction!  We get an amazing variety of items that are donated by our supporters.  These items are on display at HQ the whole weekend (soon as they are donated) and we let everyone know who donated them and how thankful we are!

Board of Directors Organization

Officers – Officers are elected in January and serve a one year term, at which point they may seek re-election by majority vote of the entire board

  • Chairman – the Chairman shall see that the other Officers perform their duties, shall be responsible for any course of action that the Board takes, shall be responsible for planning and conducting meetings, and shall see that each Officer and committee chairman is provided with a written list of specific duties for which each is responsible, when necessary.
  • Vice Chairman – The Vice-Chairman assists the President in all business and conducts meetings in the Chairman’s absence.
  • Officer – This position will be for someone who has a Director position.  This additional seat is needed to be able to break ties as needed in votes and help steer the Officers group when needed.

Our expectations for officers:

  • Decisions concerning Eclectic Endeavors activities may be made by a quorum of officers at need.
  • Appoint Area Directors as needed
  • Officers are to solicit general sponsorships for GAME.
  • They are to post flyers and advertisements for GAME.
  • Officers do not get a discount on booth spaces or additional badges.
  • Officers are required to work at least four two-hour scheduled “staff shifts” at GAME.

Officer Perks:

  • Officers badges are free of charge at all events.
  • Officers have Lair access
  • Officers have concessions access (for themselves only)
  • T-shirts may be provided if there is enough funding.

Directors & Managers– Directors are appointed by officers in January and serve a one year term.

  • Exhibitor Director – Solicits vendors for GAME. Arranges booth spaces at GAME and is the primary vendor contact
  • Volunteer Director – arranges volunteer schedule and coordinates volunteer efforts at GAME Primary volunteer contact as well as primary contact at GAME if something needs to be done.
  • Art Show Manager –  Arranges art show, sets contest rules, and arranges for judges. Primary contact for all things art.
  • Gaming Director – Solicits GM’s to host events and games including card games and  miniature gaming. Schedules games and monitors table usage at GAME. Responsible for soliciting games for and running the board game library at GAME. Provides the Emcee with a running list of announcements to be made. Primary contacts for all things gaming. This position may be held by multiple individuals which must work together collaboratively.
  • Miniature Arts Manager – Schedules miniatures events, including but not limited to paint-and-take, prep-and-take, and may schedule a miniature arts show at Director discretion.
  • Panels Director – Solicits panelists at GAME and arranges the panel room schedule
  • Electronic Gaming Director – provides games, systems, and Televisions for the Electronic Gaming area at GAME. Runs Electronic gaming area at GAME and arranges all tournaments and events for this area.
  • Media Room Manager – Provides a schedule of media events for the media room. Provides media to be played. Provides equipment for media room if possible. Maintains the media schedule as they see fit.

Our Expectations of Directors & Managers:

  • Directors are in charge of their own areas.
  • They are to supply prize support through donations and sponsorships.
  • They are to solicit general sponsorships for GAME.
  • They are to post flyers and advertisements for GAME.
  • Directors do not get a discount on booth spaces or additional badges.
  • Directors are required to work at least one two-hour scheduled “staff shift” at GAME, with the exception of Electronic Gaming Director and Gaming Directors. These directors will be in charge of overseeing their own areas for the duration of GAME. Other exceptions can be made at Board Discretion.


  • Badges are free of charge at all events.
  • Lair access
  • T-shirts may be provided if there is enough funding.

Attendee Conduct Policy

All of the following constitute grounds for expulsion from the convention without refund:

  • Violating any federal, state, or local laws, facility rules or convention policies
  • Failure to comply with the instructions of GAME Staff or security personnel
  • Using anything in a threatening or destructive manner against person or property
  • Endangering the safety of oneself or others
  • Threatening, stealing, cheating or harassing others
  • Failure to conduct oneself in a mature manner

If you experience or witness any of the above, please seek out GAME Staff or Security to report the incident. A staff member will always be located at GAME HQ.

Age Guidelines

16 & older – On your own

13 to 15 – There must be an adult in the facility at all times

12 & under – There must be an adult within reach of child at all times

When paying for your registration, you need to be 16 years or older.  If you are 15 or younger, you need to have parents permission.

No Harassment Policy

GAME is dedicated to providing a harassment-free Event experience for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, or affiliation. We do not tolerate harassment of convention participants in any form. Convention participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled without refund at the discretion of show management.


20th & 21st century uniforms may not be worn as costumes (off duty or on duty uniform wearers are very welcome). These include any uniform that can be construed as a military uniform from any country or a uniform worn in an official capacity, such as security guard, police officer, deputy, fire marshal, paramedic, etc. Active duty military personnel are permitted to wear their government-issued uniforms.

Our event is for all ages.  We expect our participants to wear costumes that are G to PG-13.  Risque, overly revealing costume wearers will be asked to leave.  We realize this is subjective and a gray area, but if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Send us a picture to EE Staff found on the Contact Us page.  We will let you know if there is any issue.

GAME Staff or security personnel may inspect any item or costume at any time during the convention. Failure to comply with these policies and/or the instructions of GAME Staff or security personnel may result in immediate removal from the convention without refund.

Prop Weapons Policy

Please review these rules & regulations before attending G.A.M.E.

G.A.M.E.  understands that Cosplay/costuming is an essential, fast growing, and much-loved aspect of almost every fandom in geek culture.  This fun form of creative personal expression is an essential part of the modern convention experience.  We want to nurture an environment that both promotes freedom of expression and insures that everyone can safely have fun.

Failure to comply with this policy or those in charge of its enforecement may result in your removal from the convention without refund.

G.A.M.E. Staff or security personnel may inspect any item or costume at any time during the convention.


The Props and Weapons Check-in will place at the Eternal Armory Booth located just inside the main convention doors. All prop and costume weapons must be inspected before attendees venture any further onto the convention floor.

  • All prop weapons that could be mistaken for a real world firearm must be inspected and tagged prior to entry into the event. All other prop weapons will be inspected at the Eternal Armory Booth and will be approved or disapproved based on the judgment of the team member on duty.
  • If you have a weapon that does not pass inspection, you will not be able to enter the event.
  • If you are not sure about a prop weapon, or have a prop weapon that does not meet these policies, please leave it at home in order to assure entrance.
  • Please exercise common sense regarding your props. If they could be considered dangerous in a crowded space, ie: sharp points, dangerous edges, trip hazards, etc, leave them at home or make considerations for safety in your designs before unveiling them at G.A.M.E.


  • Functional firearms (BB, Pellet, airsoft, and paintball guns) See below for approved airsoft guns.
  • Use of Laser sights or Laser pointers on props or integration of lasers in costumes without prior approval by convention staff during special performances or exhibitions during the convention.
  • Functional projectile weapons (including blow guns, crossbows, longbows, silly string, slingshots, water balloons, and water guns) See below for approved bows and arrows.
  • Sharpened metal-bladed weapons (including axes, daggers, hatchets, knives, kunai, shuriken, swords, and sword canes)
  • Explosives (including firecrackers, pyrotechnics, and fireworks)
  • Chemical weapons (including mace and pepper spray)
  • Electronic or charge-based weapons such as a tasers or stun guns/batons.


  • Prop weapons of all kinds will be allowed providing they are composed of plastic, resin, cardboard, foam, wood, or other materials that are of a non-functional nature.
  • Airsoft guns must be rendered inoperable, batteries and chambers removed. (If your airsoft prop is found to be loaded or operable in any way, it must leave the premises or it will be confiscated by our staff.)
  • Bows will be allowed providing they are unstrung and all arrows must have tips removed or foam tips and bundled. Foam bows or bows with no string tension (unable to fire) may be strung.
  • Metal-bladed weapons can be bought and sold provided they remain sheathed while on display, and are placed in sealed boxes immediately upon purchase or are taken out of the convention space for storage.
  • Non-projectile boffer weapons may be allowed provided they are not handled in a careless, threatening or destructive manner against persons or property.


We understand that cosplayers work very hard to make a convincing costume with all the peripheral items needed to accurately portray their favorite characters. Because of this, our policy allows certain exceptions regarding  props onstage at our Costume contest.

  • Your prop weapons will be re-checked before you are allowed onstage for the Costume contest.
  • Stringing your bow for use onstage is allowed, but it must be unstrung once you have  left the stage. Firing any projectile from a prop bow will be considered grounds for immediate disqualification from the contest and removal from the show without refund.
  • Removing the security tag on your prop weapon for your onstage performance in the Costume contest is permitted so long as it is re-tagged upon completion of the Costume contest.


Event Spaces

GAME reserves the right to clear each room after an event. Attendees will not be allowed to remain in the room for the next event.

Items cannot be stored in event spaces. If found, items may be moved or discarded.

Lost & Found

GAME HQ will serve as the center for lost and found items during the convention. Unclaimed property will be turned over to the convention center security office at the close of the convention. You can help protect your belongings by including identification tags with mobile phone numbers in wallets, purses, backpacks and other loose items. Labeling belongings helps us attempt to return recovered items to their rightful owners.

Volunteer Policies

Volunteers are eligible for admission to GAME when they schedule 10 hours of volunteer time for the weekend.

Perks include:

  • Free admission
  • Access to the Staff/Henchmen area
  • Snacks and drinks from the concessions area
  • Free volunteer T-shirt


  • Volunteer ten hours of time at GAME
  • Attend one planning meeting and meet either the Chairman or the Volunteer Director
  • Attend training session(s) when announced

Personal Volunteers

Directors can ask for and find volunteers for their own areas, for their own use. These volunteers answer primarily to the director that procured them and will be subject to normal volunteer application procedure.


Prices and Rates

Credit/Debit card Processing fees may apply.

No checks accepted.

All sales are final.  Refund Policy detailed below.


($10 savings through June 1, 2020)

(After June 1, 2020 — full price)




KIDS PASS • $10*
(ages 8 to 12 – must have an adult paid pass accompanying)

* plus additional fees upon checkout: 2.9% + 30¢ (example: $35 = $1.65 processing fee)

NOTE: There are no “Visitor Passes.”  This is a policy we have ended.  To enter our event you must purchase a badge.


To get into our event you will need to purchase either a day pass or a weekend pass. 

Exhibitor Spaces

The purpose of Exhibitor Space is promotion.  We provide through G.A.M.E. the opportunity for artist, creators, clubs, businesses, organizations, etc. to promote themselves to our audience of 400-500 attendees (based on Year 11 numbers).  During our 3-day event you are allowed to conduct your business within all local, state and federal laws.  You can sell products, take orders, expand your base, make new connections, etc..  We are hopeful that all vendors have profitable experiences at G.A.M.E. but there are no guarantee of sales.  We encourage all exhibitors to see this 3-day event as promotional with the possibility of profit during or after the event.

Do you have something to sell or promote? Please join us at GAME!  Show your support for the geek community.  As you know those with special nerdy interest are very loyal to their products & services.  As nerds we spend a lot of money each year in our “hobbies” that define who we are beyond our normal “mundane” everyday life.


COST: $100.00 (plus service charge)

This space includes 2 tables and 1 Weekend Badge. You can arrange your space as you see fit.

  • Approximately 9.5′ x 9.5′ booth, 2 tables, 1 badge
  • Additional badges are $20 each
  • Free Wireless Internet
  • Free Swag Bag Insert
  • Free ½ page program ad
  • Raffle Prize Promotion (and tax deduction)
  • Springfield City Event License fees will be paid by Eclectic Endeavors



COST: $50.00 (plus service charge)

Exhibitor Table spaces are one 6′ table. This space includes 2 chairs and 1 Weekend Badge.

  • One 6′ table, 2 chairs, 1 badge
  • Additional badges are $15 each
  • Free Wireless Internet
  • Free Swag Bag Insert
  • Free quarter-page program ad
  • Raffle Prize Promotion (and tax deduction)
  • Springfield City Vendor License forms will be handled and your fees will be paid by Eclectic Endeavors
  • Space is limited to table and behind table. No display space on floor in front of table.



Without sponsors our yearly events would not happen. We are thankful to have business and individuals that are willing to give us financial support. Below are details on the rewards you can receive as a sponsor.


  • Promotion of your business on our website and link to your website or Facebook page.
  • Logo placement on event T-shirt.
  • Item placement in Swag Bag.
  • Recognition at events on banners and in program book.
  • Complimentary 3-Day passes to G.A.M.E.

Below are details for each of the 4 support levels available.

Platinum Level Sponsor

  • Eight Weekend Passes
  • Full Page in Program Book with Premium Placement
  • 4 Event T-Shirts
  • 2 Exhibitor Booths (no guarantee of placement – after spaces have begun to sell)
  • Listing on Our Sponsors page with unlimited hyperlinks to your online presence
  • Listing in “Our Sponsors” side bar widget with 1 hyperlink to your online presence
  • Promotion of your sponsorship on Facebook and Twitter with 4 posts
  • 2 Post or Email article about your sponsorship / business info

Gold Level Sponsors

  • Six Weekend Passes to G.A.M.E.
  • Full Page Ad in Program Book
  • 3 Event T-Shirts
  • 1 Exhibitor Booth (no guarantee of placement – after spaces have begun to sell)
  • Listing on Our Sponsors page with up to 3 hyperlinks to your online presence
  • Listing in “Our Sponsors” side bar widget with 1 hyperlink to your online presence
  • Promotion of your sponsorship on Facebook and Twitter with 2 posts
  • 1 Post or Email article about your sponsorship / business info

Silver Level Sponsors

  • Four Weekend Passes to G.A.M.E.
  • Half-Page Ad in Program Book
  • 2 Event T-Shirts
  • 1 Exhibitor Booth (no guarantee of placement – after spaces have begun to sell)
  • Listing on Our Sponsors page with 1 hyperlink to your online presence
  • Listing in “Our Sponsors” side bar widget with 1 hyperlink to your online presence
  • Promotion of your sponsorship on Facebook and Twitter with a post
  • 1 Post or Email article about your sponsorship / business info

Bronze Level Sponsors

  • Two Weekend Passes to G.A.M.E.
  • Quarter-Page Ad in Program Book
  • 1 Event T-Shirt
  • Listing on Our Sponsors page
  • Listing in “Our Sponsors” side bar widget
  • Promotion of your sponsorship on Facebook and Twitter with a post


Program Book Advertising

Our Program Book is an 8.5 x 11 page folded in half. You find pre-scheduled games, panels, events, ads, puzzles and more! If you would like to place an ad in this book, please see the ad specs below.

You can contact for questions and to send your ad files.

  • Full Page – $60
  • Half Page – $30
  • Quarter Page – $15
  • Premium Placement – $100

Swag Bag Insert Only

  • $60 per insert

Eclectic Endeavors Refund Policy

We understand that things change and you may not be able to attend events for which you have purchased a ticket, booth, table or space. The following refund policy addresses your change in circumstances while imposing reasonable limits and fees to cover the administrative efforts and expenses involved on our end.

Refund Eligibility

The primary registrant may request a refund for all or a portion of the registration costs, which includes only the items paid for through the official event registration process (typically excluding hotel costs and other external services or items). Your refund request must meet the following requirements and deadlines.

Refund Requests

All requests for refunds must be made in writing by letter, or e-mail and received by Eclectic Endeavors prior to the deadline dates below. Requests by phone, text, Facebook messenger, or any other communication method will not be accepted.

Eclectic Endeavors
411 N Sherman Pkwy
Springfield, MO 65802


Refund Request Deadlines

Requests must be received no later than 30 days before Pre-Registration closes to be eligible for a full refund. Any requests received between the 30 days prior mark mentioned previously and the closing of Pre-Registration will be refunded at 50%. No requests received after Pre-Registration closes will be eligible for a refund or offering credit (see below).

Electronic refunds for cards used will be processed within 24 hours of email / letter received.   Refund checks for cash or other transactions will be mailed within 2-3 weeks after G.A.M.E. EXPO ends.

Refunds will be amounts minus processing fees from Stripe / Square / administrative fees for checks and mailing.

Alternative to Refund

In lieu of a refund check, unused payments may be converted to a charitable contribution. A tax-deductible receipt will be issued for the full amount paid. This request may be made in writing or email within a full week (5 working days) after G.A.M.E. closes without penalty or administrative fee deduction.

Special Circumstances

Special refunds may be granted if an attendee is unable to attend the event due to a family death, illness, or other extraordinary circumstance. Please contact Eclectic Endeavors by letter or e-mail to request special consideration.   Again, requests by phone, text, Facebook messenger, or any other communication method will not be accepted.



Eclectic Endeavors