If you’ve ever attended G.A.M.E. EXPO before you know that you head to Gaming HQ and look for available games and sign up.  You will STILL be able to do that AT our event, but now you can ALSO register ahead of the event opening on Friday.

Go to the Gaming Schedule on our website and you will find yourself on the GrowTix page for G.A.M.E. EXPO.  On this page, you’ll see the 3 schedule days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), and all the games as they start to be submitted by Gamemasters.  Games appear once they are approved and assigned to a table.

When you see a game and click on VIEW button, you’ll see the [REGISTER FOR THIS GAME] button on the pop-up screen.  Pre-Registering before the doors open on Friday, will guarantee you get a spot at the games you want to play.