Missing your G*A*M*E fix? Coming this week, and repeating every Wednesday Night, it’s G*A*M*E-Time with Clyde ‘Doc’ Starr, Greg Pohlman, and Phillip ‘Lurch’ Landrigan! What is G*A*M*E-Time, you ask? G*A*M*E-Time is a weekly Twitch talk show put on by your 3 hosts, as well as other special guests from the folks at Eclectic Endeavors who bring you game, about all things Gaming and Nerd-worthy. All the things you’ve come to expect from G*A*M*E and our other events, without the social anxiety of COVID-19 hovering over your shoulder as you get to enjoy the discussions from the comfort of your own homes. Come and join us as we discuss New and Old Board games, Role-Playing Games, Console Games, CosPlay, Comic Books, Anime, Movies, Graphic Novels, the list goes on and on. This is a live talk-show formatted broadcast you can find on Doc’s GamerSeuss Twitch Channel, https://twitch.tv/gamerseuss that will also be hosted by Greg’s, Lurch’s, and G*A*M*E’s own channels with an active chatroom where the audience is encouraged to participate in our discussions. If your like us, and your missing the camaraderie of going out to G*A*M*E and the Picnic at the End of the Universe, or even just slinging some dice at the regular G*A*M*E Day at the Creamery events, let us help you scratch that itch! We’ll look for you there, and may all your rolls be 20’s and may you feast on the suffering of your foes!