Guess what folks!?  You can get a seat at Satine Phoenix’s games during G.A.M.E. EXPO!!

Satine will be running two 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons games.  One on Friday Oct. 11th from 7PM to 10PM and another on Saturday Oct. 12th, also 7PM to 10PM.

To ensure we are fair in how these seats can be acquired, we are placing a donation value on all 16 seats.  The minimum donation will be $35 and you can add increments of $5 to your donation if you are feeling generous.  For this fund raiser Satine will be supporting Reach Out and Read as her charity of choice.

On Wednesday Sept 25th at approximately 7PM Central, the tickets will be available online.  The link will appear on our website — on the page for tickets:

We will also share the link on our social media pages.

There will be 8 seats for the Friday game and 8 seats for the Saturday game.


Minimum Donation is $35.   Additional Donation is $5 increments.  Feel free to donate $10, $15, $30 or more to this fundraiser.  Each donation is good for ONE ticket per person.  If you donate $70 (two $35 amounts) that is only ONE ticket.  To keep these seats fair for all — only one seat per person will be allowed.

Seats at this game are not for sale, they are offered in exchange for donations to Reach Out and Read a charity supported by Satine.   The minimum donation amount is $35 and additional donation amounts are encouraged and appreciated.

Eclectic Endeavors will present funds raised in honor of Satine Phoenix to Reach Out and Read after G.A.M.E. EXPO has concluded.