You can get into G.A.M.E. EXPO for FREE when you pre-schedule games!  Without your help in running games, we would not have a gaming convention. As our way of saying “Thanks” we offer GMs free entry!  See the process details below.


To qualify for a Game Master Badge you must pre-schedule 40 player hours of games.  This process is explained below in the steps outlined.


We are focusing on PLAYER HOURS as the benchmark for a free GM Badge.  Player hours represent the amount of players at your game by the length of the game planned.

Here are examples:

  • 3 Hour game scheduled for up to 6 players = 18 player hours (projected)
  • 4 Hour game scheduled for up to 4 players = 16 player hours (projected)
  • 2 Hour game scheduled for up to 8 players = 16 player hours (projected)

These 3 examples would be 50 player hours for 1 GM, and would result in a free badge waiting for you at Registration.


GM Registration Deadline is SEPTEMBER 30, 2019

We will be finalizing schedules and getting programs printed.  Any gaming opportunities after this date will be “pick-up games” during the 3 days of G.A.M.E.   Pick-up games do not qualify for a free GM badge.


Pre-scheduled games have assigned table numbers.   Pick-up games will be assigned a table number by HQ during the event.

PLEASE DO NOT walk up to an “empty table” and set-up a game.  Go to Gaming HQ and ask for a table.  We will find someplace for you to play provided we have the space.  An “empty” table might have a game starting in the next few minutes and then you’d have to move.

We do our best to provide space for all types of gaming.  Generally we have single long tables and double long tables.  In SOME cases we can put tables of 3 and 4 together.

Available table arrangements are:

  • 1 table for up to 6 players
  • 2 tables for more than 6 players
  • 3-4 tables would be for large groups (more than 10 players)

Games larger than 20 players, we will not be able to accommodate.  You’ll need to break these games into smaller groups.

We are very accommodating to pick-up and prescheduled games, but tables must be assigned by GAME HQ.  If you grab tables and chairs your game will not be allowed to be run.   Thanks for you patience and understanding.


For 2019 Year 11, we will have a new process.  Please watch the video and let us know if you have any questions.

Greg Pholman

Greg Pholman

Tabletop Gaming Director



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