Attention Game Masters, if you want your game to appear on the schedule where everyone can find it on our website and more importantly on the APP!!! — you need to get your games scheduled by Monday 9/24/18 (11:59PM).

The deadline was Friday 9/21/18 but we moved it back to Monday 9/24/18.

Game Masters you can get a FREE BADGE ($30 VALUE) by submitting games worth 40 player hours.  See the website for how this math works.   But it is as simple as a 2 hour game for up to 6 players (12 player hours) ran 3 times (36 player hours) and then a 1 hour game for up to 4 players (4 player hours) for a total of 40 player hours.   That’s just 7 hours of your time to get a free badge!   Henchmen have to work 10 hours (but they also get a lot of perks).