We have all your games.  If you scheduled it — it will appear on the schedule.  Just give us a couple days here to sort out an issue.

We’ve had SO MANY games this year we ran into a software issue.   The plug-in we use “Chronosly” appears to have a limit of 40 games per page / category.   Well, in the Role-Playing Game category we have 69 games!   So right now only the first 40 games in each category are showing.

We have a work around.  We will be changing our layout schedule so that each category has its’ OWN page.  SO … you will see “Boardgames” and click on that — then on the “Boardgames” page — all the games will appear.   We tested this on the RPG games and the limit of 40 was ignored and all 69 appeared.

Just going to take us a couple of days to rearrange all of this — right now we are putting final touches on OTHER things that have to go to print TODAY.  So … we will announce when this layout change has taken place.

GAMEMASTERS — not to worry.  If you find any missing games (that are not on the website) we will get it posted / assigned / scheduled before the event begins on Friday 10/6 — we will take care of you.