We are TRYING to make the process to register games easier each year.  Last year we used GrowTix and that system was pretty good, but it involved several screens / steps to get a single game ready.

This year, we have a simpler process and just now eliminated the need for an author account.  Now you just need to have an account with the website and there are over 600 people with accounts from Year 9 and 10.

We have a new video that steps you through this process.  You can see this video at the bottom of the GAME MASTERS page:  https://springfieldgame.com/gamemasters/

The process is basically this:

  • Go to springfieldgame.com and click LOGIN in the lower right menu
  • Either login to your account or register a new account.  (Over 600 people already have accounts with the website)
  • Fill in fields for your game and submit for review.
  • Once approved, you are done!  Promote your event through social media, email, tell your friends!

Want to see the video now?  Here it is:  https://youtu.be/ZFsDgYXs-K4

Remember it really is easy to get a free badge for the weekend!


Max Number of Players  X   Max Number of Hours for Game =  Player Hours


40 Player Hours = Free badge.