Hey Gamemasters!

We realize that it takes a lot of books, papers, maps, dice, minis and other stuff to run a great RPG!  When you’re at a convention it can be hard to lug that stuff around all day.  We want to do our best to help.  This year, behind the Gaming HQ table we will have LIMITED table spots to store SOME stuff for Gamemasters.  This space will be first come, first served.  We will have X amount of numbered spaces available.  We will put your stuff into spot X and give you the token for spot X.  Ideally this will be for you to store SOME of your GAMING supplies while you run other games or maybe you have time between games and don’t want to carrying lots of stuff everywhere.

We would prefer that we don’t have GMs leaving stuff with us for 10 hours, but we won’t be timing how long you use a space.  Please be courteous of others.  If you’re done with your stuff for the day, take it out to your car and free up a space for someone else.

This WILL NOT BE OVERNIGHT storage.  At 11:30PM you had best come get your stuff out of GM Storage.  Anything left behind when we shut down at midnight will become items we put into the RAFFLE.  We will thank you for your donation.  😛  We are joking, but not joking.  Don’t leave your stuff with us past 11:30PM.

We are also NOT responsible for valuables.  Wallets, money, computers, iPhones, iPods, etc. — keep those with you.  We will do our best to guard and keep an eye on all storage items, but we cannot be held accountable if something is missing.  So, please keep this in mind.