Exhibitors, Creators, Clubs & Orgs — BRING YOUR OWN EXTENSION CORDS to G.A.M.E. next week.  Please.  For the event as a whole we have some but they will be used for; Electronic Gaming, Concessions, Registration, The Lair, Gaming HQ, Media Room, etc.  We have a lot of areas that will need the cords WE BRING.

There are outlets on every column and the walls so power can be reached, but you need to bring your OWN cord.   Might need a LONG cord in some cases.  Be prepared.

We will have rolls of tape at Registration that you can use — and BRING BACK (or we will hunt you down).  We want to make sure that ALL CORDS TAPED DOWN.  Even if they run behind your tables or booth area, please TAPE DOWN YOUR CORDS.   Thanks.