On the Exhibitors Page:  https://springfieldgame.com/exhibitor-space/.  you will see two new piece of information.

The Welcome Exhibitors Email that went out today (9/11/19) has a link to the email in case you missed it.  This email went out to EVERYONE that is on our Exhibitors list, including all those on the waiting list.  This way if you find yourself getting a space last-minute you have the same information everyone else has.

The SOLD OUT notification has a new button below with THE WAITING LIST.  You can see all 21 people waiting for spaces.  The top of the list are people that were offered space, but didn’t pay the invoice before time ran out, so they were moved to the bottom of the / top of waiting list.

Should we get a space to open up, we will start with #1 offering an invoice via email.  That person will have 24 hours to pay the invoice, and then we move to the next person and so on.  This year has been unusual to all past 10 years.  We’ve not had a single cancellation .. yet.  So, there you go.