Lots to share here. Pay attention please.

1) We are building a GoDaddy Email list today. It will have all the purchasers of booths & tables from LAST YEAR on it. Please accept the request to subscribe to this list if you want to be in on this pre-sale.

2) As a way of saying THANK YOU to our supporters last year, everyone who purchased a table or booth last year will get an invitation via email to apply to be an Exhibitor and then get to purchase a space (table / booth).

3) The general public will be able to go to our website on Sunday 3/18/18 and follow the registration process and apply to purchase a booth or table. We will only reject exhibitors that are no reflective of our event’s geeky interest.

4) Please read the change concerning Exhibitors this year on this page: https://springfieldgame.com/exhibitor-space/ Artist, Creators, Clubs, Businesses, Organizations, Podcasters, etc. are ALL CALLED EXHIBITORS THIS YEAR. Explained on the page link above.

5) If you have questions about the process, PLEASE READ THE PAGE FIRST before asking “How much is a table?” “How much is a booth?” “When can I buy a space?” Thank you. Most everything has been address on this page: https://springfieldgame.com/exhibitor-space/

Thanks for reading.