Starting today we open our Exhibitors Space sales to the general public.  When you head to the page linked below and check out the map you will see that we’ve already sold A LOT of the spaces.  We offer pre-sales to all past exhibitors and those who sign-up on our Exhibitors Newsletter for one week before the general public.  In that time we’ve sold a bunch.

Please review the information on this page (Exhibitors Space https://springfieldgame.com/exhibitor-space/ ) before you proceed to the application at the bottom of the page.  All steps and details of the process are detailed.  Should you have any questions there is a contact form on this page to contact Chris & John.

Thank you and …. let the sale BEGIN!!!

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Subscribe and get NEWS!

We just sent out the first e-Newsletter for 2019.  We currently have over 600 subscribers.  If you did not see this email then you need to sign-up on our website!



On the right side widget across the entire site,  you’ll see the EE Newsletter form.  Just put you email in and when you get the confirmation email, just activate your subscription and you’ll be set!



If you are an EXHIBITOR and want to get specific news about when Exhibitors Space goes on sale, then head to the module on the right side of this page:  https://springfieldgame.com/exhibitor-space/




We are busily preparing to open the doors in 3 days!  Wanted to let everyone know that we are going to have a GREAT TIME this weekend!  Just a quick not about Prop Weapons and Costumes.  Please read the policy below.  These are also on our website under POLICIES and in the COSTUME CONTEST page.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, please go to the CONTACT US page and make contact with a staff member.



20th & 21st century uniforms may not be worn as costumes (off duty or on duty uniform wearers are very welcome). These include any uniform that can be construed as a military uniform from any country or a uniform worn in an official capacity, such as security guard, police officer, deputy, fire marshal, paramedic, etc. Active duty military personnel are permitted to wear their government-issued uniforms.

Our event is for all ages.  We expect our participants to wear costumes that are G to PG-13.  Risque, overly revealing costume wearers will be asked to leave.  We realize this is subjective and a gray area, but if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Send us a picture to EE Staff found on the Contact Us page.  We will let you know if there is any issue.

GAME Staff or security personnel may inspect any item or costume at any time during the convention. Failure to comply with these policies and/or the instructions of GAME Staff or security personnel may result in immediate removal from the convention without refund.



Please review these rules & regulations before attending G.A.M.E.

G.A.M.E.  understands that Cosplay/costuming is an essential, fast growing, and much-loved aspect of almost every fandom in geek culture.  This fun form of creative personal expression is an essential part of the modern convention experience.  We want to nurture an environment that both promotes freedom of expression and insures that everyone can safely have fun.

Failure to comply with this policy or those in charge of its enforcement may result in your removal from the convention without refund.

G.A.M.E. Staff or security personnel may inspect any item or costume at any time during the convention.


The Props and Weapons Check-in will place at the Eternal Armory Booth located just inside the main convention doors. All prop and costume weapons must be inspected before attendees venture any further onto the convention floor.

  • All prop weapons that could be mistaken for a real world firearm must be inspected and tagged prior to entry into the event. All other prop weapons will be inspected at the Eternal Armory Booth and will be approved or disapproved based on the judgment of the team member on duty.
  • If you have a weapon that does not pass inspection, you will not be able to enter the event.
  • If you are not sure about a prop weapon, or have a prop weapon that does not meet these policies, please leave it at home in order to assure entrance.
  • Please exercise common sense regarding your props. If they could be considered dangerous in a crowded space, ie: sharp points, dangerous edges, trip hazards, etc, leave them at home or make considerations for safety in your designs before unveiling them at G.A.M.E.



  • Functional firearms (BB, Pellet, airsoft, and paintball guns) See below for approved airsoft guns.
  • Use of Laser sights or Laser pointers on props or integration of lasers in costumes without prior approval by convention staff during special performances or exhibitions during the convention.
  • Functional projectile weapons (including blow guns, crossbows, longbows, silly string, slingshots, water balloons, and water guns) See below for approved bows and arrows.
  • Sharpened metal-bladed weapons (including axes, daggers, hatchets, knives, kunai, shuriken, swords, and sword canes)
  • Explosives (including firecrackers, pyrotechnics, and fireworks)
  • Chemical weapons (including mace and pepper spray)
  • Electronic or charge-based weapons such as a tasers or stun guns/batons.



  • Prop weapons of all kinds will be allowed providing they are composed of plastic, resin, cardboard, foam, wood, or other materials that are of a non-functional nature.
  • Airsoft guns must be rendered inoperable, batteries and chambers removed. (If your airsoft prop is found to be loaded or operable in any way, it must leave the premises or it will be confiscated by our staff.)
  • Bows will be allowed providing they are unstrung and all arrows must have tips removed or foam tips and bundled. Foam bows or bows with no string tension (unable to fire) may be strung.
  • Metal-bladed weapons can be bought and sold provided they remain sheathed while on display, and are placed in sealed boxes immediately upon purchase or are taken out of the convention space for storage.
  • Non-projectile boffer weapons may be allowed provided they are not handled in a careless, threatening or destructive manner against persons or property.



We understand that cosplayers work very hard to make a convincing costume with all the peripheral items needed to accurately portray their favorite characters. Because of this, our policy allows certain exceptions regarding  props onstage at our Costume contest.

  • Your prop weapons will be re-checked before you are allowed onstage for the Costume contest.
  • Stringing your bow for use onstage is allowed, but it must be unstrung once you have  left the stage. Firing any projectile from a prop bow will be considered grounds for immediate disqualification from the contest and removal from the show without refund.
  • Removing the security tag on your prop weapon for your onstage performance in the Costume contest is permitted so long as it is re-tagged upon completion of the Costume contest.


“Can I still get tickets to the event?” — YES

“Is the event sold out?” — NO

“Can I buy a weekend pass, or just a Friday pass, or just a Saturday pass?”– YES, YES, YES

We have shut down online sales so we can go ahead and prepare badges, and everything thing else before the doors open on Friday.   Starting at 10AM on Friday you can buy passes at the door.  Everyone is welcome!  See you there!



Tonight at midnight we shut down everything.  Game scheduling, Volunteer Applications, Panel Submissions, Ticket Sales, everything.  We have 10 days before the doors open and a lot of details to get in place.  Don’t delay this is your last chance to get everything in.

You will still be able to buy tickets AT THE DOOR starting on Friday at 10AM.

You will still be able to register “pick-up” games at Gaming HQ when you arrive, but only pre-scheduled games received before midnight tonight will qualify GMs for a free badge.

Tuesday the Panel schedule will be final, and our Volunteer schedules will be in the finalization stages.




Attention Game Masters, if you want your game to appear on the schedule where everyone can find it on our website and more importantly on the APP!!! — you need to get your games scheduled by Monday 9/24/18 (11:59PM).

The deadline was Friday 9/21/18 but we moved it back to Monday 9/24/18.

Game Masters you can get a FREE BADGE ($30 VALUE) by submitting games worth 40 player hours.  See the website for how this math works.   But it is as simple as a 2 hour game for up to 6 players (12 player hours) ran 3 times (36 player hours) and then a 1 hour game for up to 4 players (4 player hours) for a total of 40 player hours.   That’s just 7 hours of your time to get a free badge!   Henchmen have to work 10 hours (but they also get a lot of perks).