We have all your games.  If you scheduled it — it will appear on the schedule.  Just give us a couple days here to sort out an issue.

We’ve had SO MANY games this year we ran into a software issue.   The plug-in we use “Chronosly” appears to have a limit of 40 games per page / category.   Well, in the Role-Playing Game category we have 69 games!   So right now only the first 40 games in each category are showing.

We have a work around.  We will be changing our layout schedule so that each category has its’ OWN page.  SO … you will see “Boardgames” and click on that — then on the “Boardgames” page — all the games will appear.   We tested this on the RPG games and the limit of 40 was ignored and all 69 appeared.

Just going to take us a couple of days to rearrange all of this — right now we are putting final touches on OTHER things that have to go to print TODAY.  So … we will announce when this layout change has taken place.

GAMEMASTERS — not to worry.  If you find any missing games (that are not on the website) we will get it posted / assigned / scheduled before the event begins on Friday 10/6 — we will take care of you.



Hey Gamemasters!

We realize that it takes a lot of books, papers, maps, dice, minis and other stuff to run a great RPG!  When you’re at a convention it can be hard to lug that stuff around all day.  We want to do our best to help.  This year, behind the Gaming HQ table we will have LIMITED table spots to store SOME stuff for Gamemasters.  This space will be first come, first served.  We will have X amount of numbered spaces available.  We will put your stuff into spot X and give you the token for spot X.  Ideally this will be for you to store SOME of your GAMING supplies while you run other games or maybe you have time between games and don’t want to carrying lots of stuff everywhere.

We would prefer that we don’t have GMs leaving stuff with us for 10 hours, but we won’t be timing how long you use a space.  Please be courteous of others.  If you’re done with your stuff for the day, take it out to your car and free up a space for someone else.

This WILL NOT BE OVERNIGHT storage.  At 11:30PM you had best come get your stuff out of GM Storage.  Anything left behind when we shut down at midnight will become items we put into the RAFFLE.  We will thank you for your donation.  😛  We are joking, but not joking.  Don’t leave your stuff with us past 11:30PM.

We are also NOT responsible for valuables.  Wallets, money, computers, iPhones, iPods, etc. — keep those with you.  We will do our best to guard and keep an eye on all storage items, but we cannot be held accountable if something is missing.  So, please keep this in mind.



We are headed for pre-registration shut down!  Only 5 hours to go!!!  Request for GM Pre-Scheduled games are flying in!  As of 6:30PM we have 93 pre-scheduled games requested.  More than half of them have been posted on our website schedule:

You can still get in to G.A.M.E. EXPO as a GM for FREE with 4 pre-scheduled games.  Just 5 hours to the deadline!  Go here and sign up:

We will be working over the next few days to get all the games posted, so bear with us!  😉



We have lots of game scheduling request coming in!  This is fantastic!  As we near our deadline of 9/15 it’s great to see all the game masters that are diving in to sign up and help us make G.A.M.E. EXPO Year 9 an amazing weekend for all of us!

Please be patient as we get to putting all these games into the schedule.  We will get them posted as quickly as we can.  If your a GM and you’ve submitted 4 games as per the rules on the website, you will have a FREE badge waiting for you at the door on October 6th.  Nothing else you need to do.



ATTENTION GMS!  If you have already submitted a game or multiples, we are working on getting these posted within the next week or so.  Thank you for your patience.  You DO NOT need to resubmit with table choices.  We will assign those based on what information we’ve received. You are all good.

Going forward with all submitted pre-scheduled games, this is now the rules below.

As we plan for tables and pre-scheduled games at Year 9, we want to address an issue from Year 8.

We had some games that grabbed tables and did so without checking in at GAME HQ and this screwed up pre-scheduled games and our ability to schedule tables correctly.

For Year 9, as always, pre-scheduled games submitted online get first table assignments.   Pick-up games scheduled during the 3 days of GAME get scheduled by GAME HQ based on available space.

Available table arrangements are:

  • 1 table for up to 6 players
  • 2 tables for 8 to 10 players
  • 3 tables for 12 to 14 players
  • 4 tables for 18 to 20 players

Games larger than 20 players, we will not be able to accommodate.  You’ll need to break these games into smaller groups.

We are very accommodating to pick-up and prescheduled games, but tables must be assigned by GAME HQ.  If you grab tables and chairs your game will not be allowed to be run.   Thanks for you patience and understanding.

READ MORE about how to be a GM here: