Guess what folks!?  You can get a seat at Satine Phoenix’s games during G.A.M.E. EXPO!!

Satine will be running two 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons games.  One on Friday Oct. 11th from 7PM to 10PM and another on Saturday Oct. 12th, also 7PM to 10PM.

To ensure we are fair in how these seats can be acquired, we are placing a donation value on all 16 seats.  The minimum donation will be $35 and you can add increments of $5 to your donation if you are feeling generous.  For this fund raiser Satine will be supporting Reach Out and Read as her charity of choice.

On Wednesday Sept 25th at approximately 7PM Central, the tickets will be available online.  The link will appear on our website — on the page for tickets:

We will also share the link on our social media pages.

There will be 8 seats for the Friday game and 8 seats for the Saturday game.


Minimum Donation is $35.   Additional Donation is $5 increments.  Feel free to donate $10, $15, $30 or more to this fundraiser.  Each donation is good for ONE ticket per person.  If you donate $70 (two $35 amounts) that is only ONE ticket.  To keep these seats fair for all — only one seat per person will be allowed.

Seats at this game are not for sale, they are offered in exchange for donations to Reach Out and Read a charity supported by Satine.   The minimum donation amount is $35 and additional donation amounts are encouraged and appreciated.

Eclectic Endeavors will present funds raised in honor of Satine Phoenix to Reach Out and Read after G.A.M.E. EXPO has concluded.

Booths Renumbered — NOT MOVED

Booths Renumbered — NOT MOVED

As we are nearing the last few weeks before the doors open, we are working to fit into the space all the last minute additions.  Fortunately we have had TWO Silver Sponsors join us in the last two weeks!  This is GREAT, but it requires us to find booth space for them.  Since we sold out in June — we’ve had to get creative to solve the spacing issues.

NONE of the pre-sold booths have been moved.  If you purchased (for example) Booth #4 it is now Booth #6.  It has NOT moved — just been renumbered as we’ve added 4 new booths.  One of them being our event photographer.  The only thing we’ve moved around are “free” spaces like the art show and other display areas.

You can see the constantly updated map here:

Hopefully next week, we will have no further changes, but … you never know.  You’ll see at the to of the map the DATE and TIME of the latest version.   If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at



On the Exhibitors Page:  you will see two new piece of information.

The Welcome Exhibitors Email that went out today (9/11/19) has a link to the email in case you missed it.  This email went out to EVERYONE that is on our Exhibitors list, including all those on the waiting list.  This way if you find yourself getting a space last-minute you have the same information everyone else has.

The SOLD OUT notification has a new button below with THE WAITING LIST.  You can see all 21 people waiting for spaces.  The top of the list are people that were offered space, but didn’t pay the invoice before time ran out, so they were moved to the bottom of the / top of waiting list.

Should we get a space to open up, we will start with #1 offering an invoice via email.  That person will have 24 hours to pay the invoice, and then we move to the next person and so on.  This year has been unusual to all past 10 years.  We’ve not had a single cancellation .. yet.  So, there you go.



We are TRYING to make the process to register games easier each year.  Last year we used GrowTix and that system was pretty good, but it involved several screens / steps to get a single game ready.

This year, we have a simpler process and just now eliminated the need for an author account.  Now you just need to have an account with the website and there are over 600 people with accounts from Year 9 and 10.

We have a new video that steps you through this process.  You can see this video at the bottom of the GAME MASTERS page:

The process is basically this:

  • Go to and click LOGIN in the lower right menu
  • Either login to your account or register a new account.  (Over 600 people already have accounts with the website)
  • Fill in fields for your game and submit for review.
  • Once approved, you are done!  Promote your event through social media, email, tell your friends!

Want to see the video now?  Here it is:

Remember it really is easy to get a free badge for the weekend!


Max Number of Players  X   Max Number of Hours for Game =  Player Hours


40 Player Hours = Free badge.