We seem to have some confusion out there about pre-registration and at-the-door registration.

Pre-Registration was from January 2017 through September 15, 2017.  During this 9 month window you could get a WEEKEND pass for $20 (+ fees).

At-The-Door registration will open at 10AM Friday 10/6/17 and a WEEKEND pass will cost $30 (+fees).

Pre-Registration is just a way for us to get people to sign-up early and for that we give you a price-break on the Weekend Pass.

There is no difference if you get your pass early or at the door — it is the same.  Registering earlier than October, gets you a discount.

Registration is open the ENTIRE WEEKEND.   Friday 10AM to midnight // Saturday 8:30AM to midnight // Sunday 8:30AM to 4PM — See our Overview Schedule for open / close times.

You can get in ANY TIME during the weekend.  Price-per-day Pass can be found on the Registration Page.