You can get into G.A.M.E. Year 10 for FREE when you pre-schedule games! Without your help in running games, we would not have a gaming convention. As our way of saying “Thanks” we offer GMs free entry!

Check out the full program here:


To qualify for a Game Master Badge you must pre-schedule 40 player hours of games.  This process is explained below in the steps outlined.


Starting with Year 10 we are focusing on PLAYER HOURS as the benchmark for a free GM Badge.  Player hours represent the amount of players at your game by the length of the game planned.  This first year we will focus on what is PLANNED to happen, in years to come as we track this system, the results of actual hours played will be used to reimburse GMs or award next year’s badge.  This will mostly apply to new untested GMs.  Those of you who’ve been with us previously, will continue to earn a free badge by scheduling the minimal hours.


GM Registration Deadline is September 21, 2018.  We will be finalizing schedules and getting programs printed.  Any gaming opportunities after this date will be “pick-up games” during the 3 days of G.A.M.E.   Pick-up games do not qualify for a free GM badge.

Check out the full program here: