As we are nearing the last few weeks before the doors open, we are working to fit into the space all the last minute additions.  Fortunately we have had TWO Silver Sponsors join us in the last two weeks!  This is GREAT, but it requires us to find booth space for them.  Since we sold out in June — we’ve had to get creative to solve the spacing issues.

NONE of the pre-sold booths have been moved.  If you purchased (for example) Booth #4 it is now Booth #6.  It has NOT moved — just been renumbered as we’ve added 4 new booths.  One of them being our event photographer.  The only thing we’ve moved around are “free” spaces like the art show and other display areas.

You can see the constantly updated map here:

Hopefully next week, we will have no further changes, but … you never know.  You’ll see at the to of the map the DATE and TIME of the latest version.   If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at