Writing Contest


A picture is worth a thousand words…. now’s your chance to prove it!   In conjunction with our Art Show at G.A.M.E. we are pleased to offer a writing contest.

Art is a wonderful thing.  It evokes emotion and inspires the imagination.  It is subjective though and the stories they represent are interpreted as uniquely as the artworks themselves, and that’s what the contest is all about.  Everyone who enters will be given a choice of one of three pictures.  After making their choice the contestants will write a story expanding on what they see in the art.   Think of the pictures as you’re watching a movie and you’ve hit ‘pause’.  Now, tell us what you’re watching.  What is the story unfolding in your mind when you look at the picture?  Don’t write a description of what you see.  Tell us the story behind it.  It could be what you think happened leading up to the scene in the picture.  I could be what is happening right then, but telling us the reasons why, what the characters are thinking and feeling.  You could take the picture as the starting point and tell the story from there, writing about what happens next.   It’s your choice, but let your imagination be your guide.


Each contestant will choose one of the pieces of art designated for the Writing Contest.

Using the entry form provided, the contestants will write a story (2500 words or less) based on the chosen artwork.  All entries must be written at G.A.M.E. in order to ensure originality of work done by contestants.

Judging will be based on content and originality.  General writing ability (grammar, spelling, etc.) is highly encouraged.

First, Second, and Third Place winners will be chosen.  After the contest is over, all entries will be posted on the G.A.M.E. website (springfieldgame.com) with the winners receiving special recognition.