Below is an image of our room map.  We might have changes prior to the doors opening on 10/6/17.  Click on the image to open into a LARGER view.


Okay – so – had some measurements wrong on our template map and tried shoving too many booths into spaces where they would not fit.  Just got back from the Expo Center confirming some spaces and have made adjustments accordingly.  HOPEFULLY this is the last change.  Please be aware all the gaming table numbers are not EXACTLY where they will be — they are approximations.  Thank you.

UPDATE: 9-27-17

After a walk through of the Expo Center today and making some visual judgements about where things would sit versus the map mock-up, we’ve had some additional tweaking of the map.  Please see the image below for the current layout.

UPDATE: 9-21-17

Due to restrictions on the EXPO center room layout, we had to rearrange Exhibitor Booth spaces.  We’ve sent an email out to all our Exhibitors yesterday to give them a heads-up on this information.


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