Well, we tried. The DM Battle is officially cancelled. We will be contacting the 3 people that bought tickets about refunds or applying their $8 towards G.A.M.E. EXPO passes.

Last year the DM Battle was a huge success. Lots of players and lots of fun and laughs. Wish we could have done it again, but we can’t plan the event and hope that people show up. It has to be a pre-registration set-up.

We will now focus our attention on G.A.M.E. EXPO Year 9. It is ONLY 65 DAYS AWAY!!!

DO JOIN US ON 8/13/17!

We will have an unofficial GAME DAY at The Creamery.



AUGUST 13, 2017 (rescheduled from July 9th)
Beginning at 12PM

Are you the BEST DM out there? Prove it! This will be a test of your ability to create fun on the spot with minimal prep time!  Contestants will be given 3 “ingredients” to use and create a D&D adventure with only 1 hour to prep!  Last year the ingredients were — FUNGI, FERRYBOAT, FROZEN.  Players will dive in with the DMs and particiapte in the contest by playing in this improv adventure.  Players will then rate their DM with a survey & summary questions.  The ULTIMATE DM will then be crowned as the MASTER of all Dungeon Masters — for the year — just like Miss America!

The cost is $8 per person, and you can purchase a ticket online in the store (coming soon).  When you register, you will nominate a Dungeon Master to participate in the contest.  Each DM that receives 4 nominations will be contacted by Eclectic Endeavors staff.   We want to ensure there are enough players to run a successful event, so we are focusing on signing up individual players and those players will nominate the DMs.  We will have a minimum of 4 players per DM.

As a player you will be randomly assigned to a DM when you arrive at the event.  The idea will be to mix up the players and not place them with the DM they nominated.  As this is a contest and the players will be voting on the best DM, we want it to be impartial as possible.

Let us know you are coming or
share the event on Facebook:

The Creamery Arts Center


  1. Purchase a Ticket to the Event
  2. Nominate a Dungeon Master
  3. Share on FB / Twitter / Email / Word of mouth.  Tell others.  Invite others.
  4. Show up at 12PM on Sunday 8/13/17
  5. Bring 5th Ed. Player’s Handbook (if you have one)
  6. Bring a miniature figure(s) (if you have some)
  7. Have fun!!!


The event begins at 12PM, please be on time.  The first step will be assigning players to tables.  Our goal is to ensure that nominated DMs are not paired up with the players that nominated them.  This is done so that the voting at the end is as fair as possible.   The winning DM is chosen by the votes cast and by EE Staff review of the stories presented.

Players will select from pre-generated characters levels 1 to 10 based on DMs choice of starting level.  Dice, books, miniatures, maps are to be brought by players & DMs.

The general schedule will be as follows.  Keeping in mind these times are APPROXIMATE.

12:00 PM

  • Players assigned
  • 3 Ingredients revealed
  • DMs prepare adventures
  • Players Trivia begins


  • Adventures begin


  • 15 min. break


  • Adventures End
  • DMs retreat share stories with EE Staff
  • Players fill out evaluation forms
  • Break


  • DMs announce “best player” choices
  • Winning DM is announced

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