Year 6 T-Shirts Pre-Sales

We will be selling G.A.M.E. Year 6 t-shirts as pre-sales only.  They will be a dark gray shirt with a white imprint of the Year 6 superhero team graphic.  (pictured to the right)  On the back of the shirt will be the G.A.M.E. logo and our sponsors for this year’s event.

To meet our goal of this year’s shirt not impacting our funds-raised, we must pre-sale 30 shirts for any shirts to be made.  During Year 5 we sold t-shirts at less than the cost to have them made, so they basically COST US to get them out to people.


Order Deadline 9/25/14

If you would like a t-shirt, please order one today.  The deadline for order is September 25th.  Provided we get 30 shirts sold, we will print them and have them for you at G.A.M.E. on Friday October 10th.  If for some reason we do not get 30 shirts sold, then we will refund everyone’s money.  Not to worry.

So, if you want a t-shirt, spread the word!  Get everyone to order one for themselves.  We will post our progress on shirts sold on this page.



Thanks to everyone that ordered t-shirts!


Pre-sales are now CLOSED.  We had to gather money and orders by 9/25/14 so that Eclectic Endeavors did not have to PAY to give out shirts.  Thanks.

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