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Begins at 8:00PM

Our Costume Contest begins at 8:00PM Saturday Oct. 7th, on the stage in the Performance Room.  We invite everyone to come join us!  If you want to PARTICIPATE in the contest, you need to read the rules below, print out and sign the waiver, and be ready for pre-judging which begins at 5:00PM.




  1. No store bought costumes. Elements of costumes may have been purchased to compliment or complete the costume, but the majority of the work must be hand crafted. Handmade commission work is acceptable. Please identify this to the judges.
  2.  Costumes must meet what is considered to be “Family Friendly”. No overt nudity, blood, gore, etc.
  3. All participants must be registered attendees of G.A.M.E.
  4. Real firearms are not permitted. Other projectile weapons must be kept in a non-firing status. These include, but are not limited to: Bows, crossbows, slings, etc.
  5. No pyrotechnics are allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: Open flames, smoke generators, fireworks, etc.
  6. There will be no disbursement of debris. This includes, but is not limited to: Paper products, glitter, flower petals, foam darts, etc. In short, if it makes a mess, you can’t use it.
  7. No live animals will be allowed with the exception of service animals.
  8. If you require a handler to enter and/or exit the stage, please let the con staff know in advance.
  9. A short skit or performance is not required, but adds flavor to your walk on. Please keep performances limited to no more than 90 seconds.
  10. Costumes that use power must be self contained. There can be no extension cords on the stage due to safety reasons.
  11. Surprise the audience, not the judges. Please clear anything unusual or off the wall with the staff beforehand.
  12. Due to your safety and the convention’s potential liability, no acrobatics are allowed.
  13. No “horseplay” or other rude behavior. Contestants may be held liable if found to have damaged another contestant’s costume or belongings, or the facility itself. Rude behavior includes both physical and verbal assaults to another individual.



We will be looking at several things in your costume. Some areas weigh heavier than others when judging your costume. We remain fair and impartial in our judging, but will always have our own opinion of the different areas. Those areas are as follows:


  1. Craftsmanship. How well are your costume and prop(s) put together. Clean lines, a good paint job, good seam work, the actual construction of the costume.
  2. Materials. Your fabrics, armor, leather work, etc. Is it the right material for the job. Are you able to make us believe that what you used works for your look?
  3. Stage presence. Are you convincing as your character? Not everyone is an actor, but when you do your walk on, do your best. Even a good pose is sometimes enough to “sell” the character to us.
  4. Other. This is a catch-all category that could include prosthetics, lighting, animated parts, make-up, etc. that fall outside of the three main categories.


There are three skill levels available to you. Pick the one best suited to you.

Youth: Contestants that are 15 years old and under may enter at this level

Beginner: Contestants that are new to costuming, or that are still working on refinining their costuming skills may enter at this level. Previous winners in this category may not enter at this level a second time. You must move up into “Experienced” level.

Experienced: Contestants that have won in “Beginner” level previously, or whom have an advanced level of costuming skill should enter into this category.

Additionally, contestants may enter as a group of two or more if they choose. There is no skill or age restriction on this.


There will be a single award for each category:

  • Youth
  • Beginner
  • Experienced
  • Group

In addition, there will be individual Judges Choice awards as well as an overall Judges Best Of Show.


At some point prior to the costume contest, you will be asked to attend a pre-judging session. G.A.M.E. offers a changing area for final fitting of your costumes. It is at this point the judges will examine your costume and ask questions about the materials and craftsmanship of your costume. If you have reference or construction photos, make sure you bring these with you so the judges can compare how accurate your costume is to source material. If your character is an O.C; or your own version of an established character, that’s okay. You will not be counted off for this during judging. Construction photos are very helpful as they are a good visual reference to show the judges exactly what went into your creation. The judges will often want to examine your costume hands on, which will involve carefully touching your costume, props, or prosthetics to closely examine your work. If this is not okay, please inform the judges ahead of time.



After the awards are handed out, we offer a one on one session with the judges. If you have questions about what we liked and didn’t like about your costume, or if you are looking for advice on how you can improve this or your next costume, we will sit down with you and offer what advice we can. The judges all have their specialties be it sewing, design work, or hands on craftsmanship. This is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge about your costuming.


Contestants will, when prompted, walk onto the stage to show their work to the audience and judges. If you have music or a recorded voiceover, please make sure you indicate that on your Master Of Ceremonies Sheet.   The Masters of Ceremony sheet can be picked up at G.A.M.E. at the Registration / Badge Pick-up Desk.  This form is to be turned in at pre-judging.

Music or recorded voiceover will be turned into DJ in the form of MP3 files on either a USB drive or a CD — before Costume Contest begins.  The Emcee or Contest Judges will notify you to do so.

Remember, you may have up to 90 seconds stage time, but are not required to use all of the allotted time. If you have stage props, set up time is not inclusive in your skit time, just be sure and set up as quickly as you can. Let the staff know ahead of time if you require assistance with this. If not doing a skit or routine, please walk slowly from one side of the stage to the other, then return to center stage. Pause for a moment to let the audience and judges to get a good look at you, and then exit the stage.

Awards will be handed out shortly after the contest. The judges will quickly tally their scores and announce winners within a few minutes of the final contestant.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 12.47.58 AMCOSTUME CONTEST WAIVER

To participate in the Costume Contest, you must print out and sign this waiver.  This must be turned in before pre-judging begins.




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