Secretary / Panels Director

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When did you join Eclectic Endeavors?
“I first attended G.A.M.E. Year 2, became Panels Director for Year 7, and levelled up to Secretary for Year 9.”

What games do you play regularly?
Overwatch has consumed my life (and for those curious, I main McCree). I’m also a huge fan of survival horror and co-op/strategic tabletop games.

Why do you volunteer with Eclectic Endeavors?
Because I enjoy giving back to the geek community that I love. Everyone involved with G.A.M.E. is like family to me. I adore them.

If you could be any fictional character, who would you be and why?
Star-Lord. Wait, hold on a sec… this isn’t the character we’re most like? …Yeah. My answer is still Star-Lord. Sweet tunes, space hotties, horrifyingly awesome creatures, obnoxious tiny companions and exploring/occasionally saving the galaxy? Sign me right up.

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