ATTENTION GMS!  If you have already submitted a game or multiples, we are working on getting these posted within the next week or so.  Thank you for your patience.  You DO NOT need to resubmit with table choices.  We will assign those based on what information we’ve received. You are all good.

Going forward with all submitted pre-scheduled games, this is now the rules below.

As we plan for tables and pre-scheduled games at Year 9, we want to address an issue from Year 8.

We had some games that grabbed tables and did so without checking in at GAME HQ and this screwed up pre-scheduled games and our ability to schedule tables correctly.

For Year 9, as always, pre-scheduled games submitted online get first table assignments.   Pick-up games scheduled during the 3 days of GAME get scheduled by GAME HQ based on available space.

Available table arrangements are:

  • 1 table for up to 6 players
  • 2 tables for 8 to 10 players
  • 3 tables for 12 to 14 players
  • 4 tables for 18 to 20 players

Games larger than 20 players, we will not be able to accommodate.  You’ll need to break these games into smaller groups.

We are very accommodating to pick-up and prescheduled games, but tables must be assigned by GAME HQ.  If you grab tables and chairs your game will not be allowed to be run.   Thanks for you patience and understanding.

READ MORE about how to be a GM here:

Last Minute Booths / Tables Waiting List?

Last Minute Booths / Tables Waiting List?

If we have anything to announce it will be a race to see WHO’S THE FASTEST?

We do not have a waiting list for last-minute cancellations and tables or booths opening up.  If you are hoping for any last-minute booths or tables to open up, they very well might.  It happened last year, and it might happen this year too.  Your best bet is to be registered with our site, and the emails that result from a new post will come to you.

Also make sure you join the Facebook group for Eclectic Endeavors and follow the G.A.M.E. EXPO page.

Gaming Arts Media Expo 

Eclectic Endeavors Group



If you are a board member or staff, please try to make our monthly meetings. If you CANNOT make — please let an EE Officer know that you will not be there.

If you are a volunteer and just want to come help out with Year 9 events, please JOIN US! See you there!

Our planning meetings are primarily for staff & volunteers, but are open meetings unless otherwise noted. If you want to support the event and find a way to help us with year 9, you are welcome to attend. We will be discussing the preparations to be done before the doors open on October 6th, as well as the plans for activities and work during the event.


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9/17 =

9/24 =

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On August 2nd we had to formally cancel the Dungeon Master Battle.  We hated doing this. The event was originally scheduled for July 9th.  This was the Sunday after the 4th of July weekend and that was probably a mistake.  We had ZERO pre-registrations about a week before the event.  We decided to postpone the event to August 13th rather than cancel.  Doing that so close to the event — about a week out — we ruffled some feathers.   We also heard from others that the new 8/13 date was great.  So we had another month for people to sign up.  At our latest meeting for Eclectic Endeavors we decided that we needed a deadline for sign-ups so that if we needed to just cancel the event we would give everyone plenty of notice.  August 1st was the deadline.  We posted this notice on FB along side all the event notices.

Over the next 3 weeks we posted the event everywhere we could.  We spent money with Facebook post boosting as an advertising effort.  This resulted in the event being seen by about 2,500 people.  Great reach.  In that time we only had 3 people sign-up and got 1 DM nomination.  So on August 2nd we made the very hard decision to cancel the event.  If we had any idea that people out there were waiting to sign-up and couldn’t meet the 8/1/17 deadline we would have kept the event open.  We just need to get a post reply, and email, facebook message. ….. something to let us know.   We did get a spike in G.A.M.E. EXPO Weekend Pass sign-ups.  Great, but weird.  😉    No one contacted us to ask about signing up later — after the 8/1/17 deadline.

So, we will STILL HAVE AN EVENT on Sunday 8/13/17.  We will do an unofficial GAME DAY from 12PM to 6PM.  Let us know you are coming on the FB Event page:

It is an UNOFFICIAL GAME DAY as we will not have snacks & drinks for sale or a game library.  Just the space, tables and chairs.  Show up with your stuff, hang out and play.   Chris Stuart will be running a 5th Edition D&D game with pre-generated characters.  Once he has 4 players at his table he will begin.   He can accept up to 8 players max.  Come join us!  Bring your own games and let people know on the FB event.  See you there!



We are pleased to announce that Samantha Inoue-Harte will be our Guest of Honor for Year 9.  Please join us in welcoming her to our event.

Samantha Inoue-harte is an established and varied entertainment industry veteran. She is currently producing an untitled Anime live action adaptation feature along with revival season 3 of the same Anime IP, acting in the James Cameron/Robert Rodriguez live action adaptation of the anime Battle Angel Alita, and producing the 3D animated feature Tailchaser’s Song, based on Tad Williams’ novel.

Read more of her bio here: